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Houston Land Clearing is here to handle all of your land clearing and brush removal projects. We offer free estimates, a diverse fleet of forestry machines, and the BEST equipment operators in the business to make sure your job is done right!

MOst Diverse Land Clearing Fleet In Houston

From skid steer mulchers all the way up to 400 horsepower forestry machines capable of handling any sized job. You can rest assured that we have the machine for the job. From tree clearing and tree removal to underbrush clearing you can rest assured we provide the best services in houston.

Fair Priced Land Clearing In Houston Texas

No hidden fees, upfront, transparent pricing. We offer a wide variety of payment methods to fit our customers needs. We take the stress out of land clearing. Give us a call for a quote today we have the equipment to handle all your site preparation services.

Forestry Mulching and Brush Removal In Houston Texas

Houston Land Clearing
Houston Land Clearing Provides A Personalized Approach To Land Clearing and Brush Removal

With one of the most diverse fleets in Texas. Our equipment is purpose built for the job at hand, and with forestry mulchers ranging from 100 to 400 horsepower you can rest assured that we have the machine capable of handling any sized job. From a half acre brush clearing job to a 2000 acre solar farm, we are capable to handle it all. Raw land development is our specialty, are you ready to break ground?

Site Work and Dirt Work In Houston Texas

Houston Land Clearing takes an unmatched level of care in each project we take on. We utilize the best equipment on the market, not a small skid steer with a mulching attachment. Our team of land clearing pros are ready to make your job happen today!

Powerful, purpose-built, equipment. The best crews in the business. Upfront pricing, we make land clearing easy! In addition we offer turn key site work and dirt work services as well.

Houston Texas Land Clearing Services

We offer land clearing, forestry mulching, underbrush removal in all of Houston and East Texas. With home bases in multiple cities, you can rest assured we have your job covered. Don’t see your location on the map, give us a call, we travel all over the state for larger projects and can recommend contractors for smaller jobs.

Brush Removal In Houston Texas

Land Clearing in Houston Texas

When it comes to land clearing services we offer everything from start to finish. Why would you want to clear your land, well here are a few reasons our customers choose to clear their land. 


Stump grinding is an easy task with our forestry equipment in Houston TX. Our machines are able to stump grind flush to the ground and often times an inch or two sub surface.

Invasive species control is essential as there are over 150 non-native, invasive plant species in Texas that can have devastating effects on the natural ecosystem if not managed. These plants may use up vital resources in the area by aggressively out-competing native flora and fauna, blocking other plants from sunlight, or depleting the area of nutrients with their root systems. To protect vulnerable native plants from these invasive species, regular clearing of non-native plants is necessary. Our clearing services in Houston are here to help. With our hydro ax mulching you can rest assured your land clearing jobs are handled in the best way possible. 

Right-of-way and Utility Easements are also necessary for the installation of overhead television, telephone, or electric wires, or for underground cables and pipes. Because of the large area these wires and pipes need to cover, quick and efficient land clearing houston tx is essential. Easements may be required for a new subdivision or development, or for building a home in a rural area with no utilities.

Road clearing and maintenance is an essential part of the construction of new roads and highways, as land must be cleared of plants and flattened before the foundation is laid. On-going land clearing is also important for road maintenance. Overgrown areas near a road can cause poor visibility and attract animals, such as deer, due to the protective cover of the plants and/or available food.



Fire prevention is also important. Creating a wide dirt perimeter (fireline) around your property or a vulnerable environmental area is an effective way to protect it from a potential fire. Land clearing is beneficial in areas where forest fires are common. Whether you have residential or commercial land to clear we are here to help.

Hunting access paths can be cleared to easily access a hunting ground or deer stand, while still minimizing disruption to the surrounding cover.  We specialize in land clearing and dirt work services.


Foot, bike and horse trails should also be well-marked and well-cleared to ensure safety of hikers, bikers, and riders. We can clear new trails or maintain old ones that have been blocked by fallen trees or overtaken by invasive species. Properly clearing and maintaining trails can help ensure that all users are able to find their way and will not be put in danger due to poor visibility or other obstacles. We also clear out driveways, detention ponds, home pads, and whatever else you may need. The debris and mulch left behind are eco friendly and do not need to be hauled off unlike a demolition project where trees are hauled off.


Stump grinding in Houston, Texas is an important part of keeping your yard looking tidy and free of unsightly stumps. Whether youve just removed a tree from your property or have had one there for a while, getting rid of the stump is a necessary part of the job. Make sure you hire a competent site construction company.

Houston Land Clearing Forestry Mulching Services

Land Clearing in Houston Texas
  • Forestry Mulcher

    • Forestry mulchers are best used when brush and trees need to be removed quickly and you are not building on the area where you are clearing. This is the most eco friendly and oftentimes the most cost effective way of clearing land. From agricultural to residential and commercial we handle it all. These machines have minimal soil disturbance meaning quicker grass regrowth and less lost top soil.

  • Bulldozer

    • Bulldozer are great for clearing land in Houston Texas where structures will be placed. Since a foundation is required for a structure a bulldozer will get the entire root system of the tree out of the ground. The con here is the will be massive amounts of soil disturbance and oftentimes erosion control plans, and clearing permits are required.

  • Excavator

    • Much like the bulldozer the excavator is used to dig out larger trees to prep for construction. While the excavator is very precise it is the slower of the two between the bulldozer.

  • Skid Loader

    • Effective at clearing out areas with smaller trees and brush. The skid loader is great for small jobs but falls off very quickly as jobs and trees get larger.

  • Horizontal Grinder

    • Used to grind up material after being cleared by a skid loader, bulldozer, or excavator. Alternatively a forestry mulcher can be used to grind up tree piles as well.


Houston Texas Invasive Tree Species

One of the reasons land clearing and more importantly managing invasive tree species is so important in Houston Texas is due to the fact that there are so many invasive species.

Chinese Tallow – Approximately 80% of the tree canopy in Greater Houston consists of Chinese Tallow, which was brought to the United States in the 1700s. These trees can reach a height of 4050 feet, and have a deep taproot that helps them thrive in drought conditions. Additionally, the Chinese Tallow is able to alter the pH of the soil, making it conducive to growth only for other tallow trees, thus making it easier for them to take control of an area.

Giant Salvinia – An invasive aquatic fern that has no native species in Texas that floats like it. This plant can spread quickly by attaching to boats, and it causes major environmental problems due to its ability to cover the surface of the water, depleting it of oxygen and blocking out sunlight. This can kill fish and other plants that live in the water.

Japanese Climbing Fern – A vinelike perennial that originates from Japan, eastern Asia, and India. It can reach up to 90 feet in height and has stems that are green, orange, or black. It is particularly concerning because it has the capacity to grow in thick layers up to 10 feet deep, blocking out the native plants and trees. Additionally, it can make fires more intense, allowing them to climb trees.

Cost to Clear Land In Houston Texas

There are a few factors when determining the cost to clear land in Houston Texas. We offer a wide range of machines and services to make sure your dollar goes the furthest and your job is done on time, and on budget. 

Land Clearing Machine Costs
We are very transparent with our pricing and capabilities. 

ASV 120/135 Compact Forestry Mulcher with Denis Cimaf Mulching Head

ASV 135 In Houston Texas
This machine is great for 1-2 acre projects and anything where underbrushing is the key focus. This machine has a full knife style head that allows it to cut quickly, and leave behind an unmatched finished product. This machine can clear 1-3 acres of underbrush per day and around 0.5-1 acre of larger trees per day. We charge $2500 per day for this machine including an operator. 


Tigercat M726G High Horsepower Forestry Mulcher

tigercat mulching in houston texas

This mulcher is the biggest and the baddest out there. With 400 horsepower and a 9 foot wide mulching head this machine can handle any sized project. This mulcher makes quick work of larger trees, right of way clearing, and larger underbrushing projects. When clearing smaller trees and brush this mulcher can clear in excess of 5 acres per day. When clearing larger timber or clear cutting a right of way we generally see 1-2 acres. This mulcher can take down any diameter sized tree. We charge $3500 per day for the Tigercat mulcher including an operator.

Land Clearing In Houston Texas

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