Land Clearing Houston Texas

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Land Clearing Houston Texas

When it comes to land clearing in Houston, Texas there are a lot of things to keep in mind. In this post we will go over them so you as a land owner can know what to expect from start to finish.

First off there are generally two methods when talking about land clearing. 
Traditional Land Clearing – This is what most people think of when thinking land clearing. This is done by uprooting the trees and stacking and burning, or grinding and hauling off.  Traditional land clearing is accomplished by the following machines, bulldozer, excavator, loader, and often a grinder and material truck. 

Land Clearing Houston Texas
Traditional Land Clearing Pros – When clearing with traditional methods, also called clearing and grubbing, you can expect a few pros. Trees since they are uprooted are less likely to regrow. There is less material left behind. Lastly, you can only build a foundation on areas that have been traditionally cleared, or grubbed. Never build a foundation on a property that has been just forestry mulched, more on that below.

Traditional Land Clearing Cons – Traditional clearing is not without it’s cons. Generally speaking traditional clearing is considered ground disturbing and will usually require permitting, and erosion mitigation. Always check with your local municipals before traditional clearing. Traditional clearing where you have to haul off the material is very, expensive and can cost in excess of $10,000 per acre. Due to this that is why a lot of clearing companies may opt to burn the material onsite, which can often in itself be dangerous. 

Forestry Mulching – This is a very eco-friendly and cost-effective method of land clearing. With forestry mulching, a machines with a large grinder on the front pulverizes and grinds the vegetation down and leaves a mulch layer behind. Generally speaking, that mulch bed can be beneficial in a few ways to the environment. 
Forestry Mulching Pros – Forestry mulching is generally the most cost and time effective way to clear land. Often able to accomplish all that you need with just one man and one machine. Forestry mulching a lot of times does not require clearing permits and erosion mitigation. Always check with your local government before doing any land clearing in Houston Texas.

Forestry Mulching Cons – There are a few cons when it comes to forestry mulching, the biggest being you should never build a foundation over somewhere that has been forestry mulched. If the root balls were not removed (and they generally are not when just mulching) you can be left with voids in the ground as the organic mass breaks down, this can cause major foundation issues. Next forestry mulching can leave behind a lot of organic mulch, often being a few inches thick. This can take a while to break down. 

Different Types Of Forestry Mulchers in Houston Texas – Houston Texas has a lot of options when it comes to mulcher and mulching companies and we are here to help you make sure you pick the right machine. When doing small projects usually half acre or smaller we recommend finding a company with a Cat 299 or ASV 120 paired with a Denis Cimaf or Prinoth mulching head. This combo cuts fast, and leaves a great mulch product behind. We offer an ASV 120 with a Denis Cimaf head to get your job done right, give us a call at 832 462 6913 to get a quote on your project today. 

Forestry Mulching Houston Texas

When you need bigger sized tracts cleared in Houston Texas we offer 350+ horsepower mulchers to make sure the job is done right. These machines are massive and can take down any sized tree. The massive drum and high horsepower combo leaves behind a finer mulch product minimizing the depth of mulch left behind. We use these machines to make sure the job stays on budget. They are 3-4 times the production of the smaller skid steer mulchers and generally only cost about 1.5-2x as much per day saving you both time and money. We utilize Barko 930B tractors paired with FAE mulching heads and Tigercat M726G with Tigercat mulching heads. These machines are the best in the business and will make sure you job is done right the first time. Give us a call at 832 462 6913 to get a quote for your project today.

Land clearing houston texas with large forestry mulcher

Cost To Clear Land In Houston Texas – When it comes to clearing land in houston texas with a forestry mulcher you can expect to be in the following price ranges for different jobs and machines. For the smaller skid steer mulching jobs that would require something like our ASV 120 you can expect to pay around $2500 per day and a small transport fee. This machine does great in smaller (less than one acre) jobs and when trees are smaller than 8 inches in diameter. When you need more acreage or larger trees cleared its time to bring in the big mulchers. We have fleet of these large mulchers and can clear on average 2-3 acres per day and trees of any size. These big mulchers run between $3500 to $4000 per day along with a transport fee ranging from $750 to $1500 since they are a permit loaded semi. 

Are you looking to get your land cleared by the top rated land clearing company in Texas? Pierce Land Clearing is happy to help. Give us a call today at 832 462 6913 or 254 998 4468 and see how we can transform your land!

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